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Step into the spotlight and change the industry with your brilliant Web3 or FinTech project
Deadline: September 5, 2023
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Pitch for investment from active Web3, blockchain and FinTech investors
with VCs and Web3 Experts
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Shine bright in the Bahamas - Champion Finalists will receive Free Flights and Accommodation
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Hosted by the Securities Commission of The Bahamas (SCB) in partnership with The Government of The Bahamas
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Why D3 Startup Pitch?

Creating a global community with the Bahamas as its touchpoint, D3 Startup Pitch is a dedicated program designed to drive the connections that startups need to fuel their growth.

The Startup Pitch is not limited to the days of the D3 conference. Working to build an ever-growing pipeline of business prospects, it connects startups to investment and business opportunities for the long term. We especially welcome applications from projects with a positive ESG impact across Web3 and DeFi.

Any Web3 FinTechs looking for growth in the region should participate in the program to accelerate their growth and maximize their D3 experience.

Join Us For An
Opportunity To:
Showcase your Web3 solution at a top FinTech event
Pitch to globally renowned venture capitalists and Web3 experts
Interact with digital asset regulators in The Bahamas
Receive meeting requests from venture capitalists interested in your project
Connect with a growing global Web3 community at D3 Bahamas
Join the Finoverse community of startups worldwide
Competition Finalists Will Receive:
A free exhibition booth at one of the largest Web3 festivals in the Americas
Free flight tickets and hotel accommodation to attend D3 Bahamas FinTech Festival
An exclusive invitation to D3 networking events in The Bahamas
Indispensable marketing exposure across D3 Bahamas media partners and other major media outlets
A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pitch live to top venture capitalists and Web3 experts
An unforgettable Bahamas experience!

D3 Startup Pitch Categories

Web 3 Infrastructure

  • DAOs
  • Blockchain Layers and protocols
  • Enterprise Blockchain

DeFi & Crypto

  • DEXes
  • DApps (Wallets, Insurance, Payments, Borrowing & Lending)
  • Stablecoins
  • Tokens
  • Staking & Vesting

ESG and Social Impact

We encourage projects with positive social or environmental impact using Web3 and DeFi to get involved. Apply now to bring your vision to life and create a better world!


  • Marketplace
  • Aggregators
  • Collections


  • Payments
  • Insurance
  • RegTech
  • WealthTech
  • Commercial Banking
  • Retail Banking


July 5
Applications Open
September 5
Applications Close
September 8
Pitching Competition Shortlist announced
September 18 & 19
Virtual Qualifying Rounds for Shortlist Companies
October 12
Finalists announced and Live Final Pitch at D3
Exclusive Networking Events for all D3 Startup Pitch Startups
October - November
1-2-1 matchmaking meetings with VCs

Want to Know More?

Questions & Answers

Is there an application fee for the D3 Startup Pitch?
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No, there is no application fee to join the D3 Startup Pitch.

What are the assessment criteria for D3 Startup Pitch?
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  • Innovation and technology - What is innovative or exciting about the project? Is this something we haven’t seen before? Are there existing projects who already do this/is this one of many projects doing the same thing? Is the technology behind the project sound and secure?
  • Team - Does the core team have the technical and commercial expertise, skill sets, and experience to deliver the project?  Does the project have any special advisors bringing additional expertise to the table? Do the team have any proven track record or previous success in this space?
  • Market Potential - Can this project scale? Is there a significant target market? Are there barriers to growth? How crowded is the market already?
  • Existing Traction - Does the project have existing revenue or funding?  Are there any investors onboard?  What customers / early adopters does the startup have?
  • ESG Impact - What impact does your project make in society or for the environment? Where does ESG fall into your long-term goals?
    In addition to the above criteria, judges will consider Pitch Quality during the Qualifying Rounds and the Startup Pitch Live Final in The Bahamas.
  • Pitch Quality - Did the pitch deck cover all of the first five criteria, and was it presented in a clear, concise and engaging manner?
What is the selection process for this competition?
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  • After applications close, the internal Finoverse team will select Startups to enter the Qualifying Rounds
  • The selected startups will pitch in front of our judging panel. Our judging panel will select nine finalists who will fly with us to The Bahamas to pitch live on stage
  • The eight finalists will be joined by one wildcard nominated by the Securities Commission of The Bahamas in the Live Final during D3 Bahamas FinTech Festival from October 10-12 2023
  • One startup will be crowned the D3 Startup Pitch Winner at the D3 Bahamas FinTech Festival
Is there any eligibility criteria for the D3 Startup Pitch?
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You can apply if you are working on a project or have started a business related to our four focus areas: Web3 Infrastructure, DeFi & Crypto, FinTech, or NFTs

What is the pitch structure for the D3 Startup Pitch?
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For the Virtual Qualifying Rounds, startups will have four minutes to pitch followed by three minutes of Q&A from our judging panel.

For the Live Final for our finalists, startups will have four minutes to pitch followed by four minutes of Q&A from our live judging panel.

More questions regarding the D3 Startup Pitch?
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If you have any inquiries or would like more information about the program, please feel free to contact us at hannah@finoverse.com.

Before September 5, 2023