D3 Startup Battle

an Integral Part of The Bahamas D3 Festival
applications are now closed
Win up to
in investment
or special cash prizes*
10 finalists invited to D3 Bahamas
flights and hotel accommodation
provided free of charge
Powered by Finoverse - the trusted organizer of Hong Kong FinTech week since 2015
Hosted by the Securities Commission of The Bahamas (SCB) in partnership with the Government of The Bahamas

D3 Startup
Battle Categories:

Web 3 Infrastructure
DeFi & Crypto
Best FinTech Solution for The Carribean
Blockchain Special Awards
Special Prizes:

All The Finalists Will Receive:

A free booth at the largest Web 3 Festival in the Americas
Media and marketing exposure for their startup
Opportunity to pitch their startup in front of top VCs and crypto experts
Global crypto community access: 3000+ visitors
Unforgettable Bahamas experience!
Dates yet to be disclosed. Stay tuned for updates
Dates yet to be disclosed. Stay tuned for updates


June 30 2023
Applications Close
August 31 2023
Candidates Shortlist
December 2023
Final Pitch at The Bahamas

Want to Know More?

Why participate?
  • To receive up to $1 000 000 in investment if your are a winner or to get one of special prices
  • To participate in D3 Bahamas FinTech Festival 2023. Free flight tickets and hotel accommodation provided for 10 finalists.
  • To get a free booth at the next D3 Bahamas FinTech Festival in 2024 if you are amongst 10 finalists.
  • To get Marketing exposure across major web3 media
  • To pitch your startup in front of top VCs and crypto experts
  • To promote your brand at the top-level FinTech Event
What are the special prizes?
  • “Best Fintech Solution for the Caribbean” is a prize granted to a startup with a fintech solution developed for the Caribbean region and with high potential for global expansion.
  • Blockchain Special Prizes for Fintech products developed on a particular blockchain protocol.
What are the assessment criteria?
  • Idea: Innovation
  • Market Opportunity: Market Size, Competition, Scalability
  • Business Model: Revenue Model, Pricing, Target Customers
  • Traction: Revenue, customers, investors
  • Team: Team skill and experience
Who will judge the pitches?
  • competition will be judged by leading investors from global corporations and VC funds
What are the categories of D3 Battle 2023?
  • Web 3 Infrastructure
    Startups contributing to the development of the Web 3 infrastructure.
  • DeFi & Crypto
    Startups developing solutions in the field of DeFi and crypto.
  • Metaverse
    Solutions improving experience in virtual worlds.
  • NFT
    Solutions drawing on NFTs and related technologies. 
How the selection process will be organized?
  • Any fintech startup, chain, DAO or NFT project with an MVP can apply.
  • Shortlist of startups will be made after examination of the online dossier.
  • 10 startups will participate in the final pitch at the Bahamas.


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